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Hurricane Irma and Maria:  A Devastating One-Two Punch

2017 proved to be a difficult year for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Hurricanes Irma and Maria, both  category 5 storms with wind gusts of up to 178 MPH, impacted the USVI within two weeks of each other on September 6 and September 14. The damage caused by these hurricanes will forever be remembered by the citizens of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. 

Hurricane Irma made landfall on the U.S Virgin Islands on September 6, 2017. The hurricane’s ferocious 185 MPH winds wreaked havoc on St. Thomas and St. John. St. Croix, Cane Bay Partner’s home, was mostly spared the storm’s full force, enabling a speedy response to her sister islands. 

Unfortunately, Virgin Islander’s luck further worsened when Hurricane Irma made contact with St. Croix. The category 5 hurricane battered the island from September 19 to 20, downing power lines, tearing roofs from homes, and destroying infrastructure.

After both hurricanes, the office of V.I. Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett stated that 90 percent of buildings in the Virgin Islands were damaged or destroyed and 13,000 of those buildings had lost their roofs.



Cane Bay Partners Relief Efforts 

David Johnson and Kirk Chewning were on the frontlines of civilian relief, offering supplies, financial contributions, and even Johnson’s 40-foot center console fishing boat in evacuation efforts.

Following the devastation that Hurricanes Maria and Irma brought to the U.S Virgin Islands, Cane Bay Cares donated 75,000 pounds of aid:

  • 25,000 pounds of food and aid;
  • 18,000 bottles of water;
  • 4,000 freezer packs to preserve medications;
  • 800 LUCI solar lights;
  • 44 generators and other supplies to citizens in need.

The incredible damage that these hurricanes caused in the U.S. Virgin Islands gave way to the Cane Bay Cares initiative, which still organizes and participates in various charitable efforts across the U.S Virgin Islands. 


Get Involved Today

The Cane Bay Cares initiative is still active to this day. Participating in various philanthropic activities in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the award winning non-profit organization requires a steady supply of selfless volunteers and donations to continue nurturing the long-term needs of the community.  


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