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Cane Bay Cares Donated Text Books To St. Croix Educational Complex Students

Cane Bay Cares donated text books to St. Croix Educational Complex students

The St. Croix Educational Complex High School Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus program started the summer of 2020 with new textbooks thanks to Cane Bay Cares. 

According to Cletus Emmanuel, AP Calculus teacher, having access to the resource books offer several advantages, including ease of use for students in comparison to the online version, alignment with the school’s AP calculus curriculum, and the ability to serve future AP Calculus students. 

We are pleased that we have the opportunity to continue to work with the V.I. Department of Education on specific, meaningful projects, such as this math-tools effort at Complex, as well as our flagship program, Operation Inspire,” Chewning said. 

Johnson said, “We are glad to help the students at Complex get the supplies they need to be successful in their math studies, and we hope that some of them want to become statisticians and work with us at Cane Bay Partners one day to help build the next generation of analytical models.” 

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