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Hurricane Relief: Time To Defeat The Mold

Hurricane Relief: Time to Defeat the Mold

There is a routine with storms, an almost musical flow with how things unfold: Prep, hunker down, aftermath. Then come the mosquitoes, then comes the mold. Well, we are at the mold stage. And people are spent. For the past three months, the residents of St. Croix have mostly been living without power, without full public schooling, without a fully functional hospital, and in general, with a severely damaged infrastructure making movement and basics challenging to say the least. People are frustrated and tired. As people begin to get back power and get their homes in order, they inevitably will find dreaded mold.

With the rainfall and the damage to roofs and walls during the storms and the excessive rainfall after the storms passed, combined with an already damp and humid environment – mold is settling in and in some cases taking over homes and buildings.

We know this first hand as our corporate partners Cane Bay Partners VI is currently combating this very issue in their Christiansted building – ripping out dry wall and other contaminated surfaces so employees can work safely. So we understand the evolving needs of those adversely impacted by the storms – and we want to help make things a bit better.

Since we also know what it takes to combat mold on your own – we’ve put together this handy kit so people can clean safely. It costs about $25 for each kit and that include shipping. Kits will include mold cleaner and bleach, plastic gloves and face masks, sponges and garbage bags – everything you need to safely clean mold.

The more you donate, the more people can get a mold remediation kit.

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